2023 Legislative Session

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(Updated 12/30/2023)

2023 in Review

The 2023 New York State Legislative Session is now closed.

This year, NYLA members continued to speak up & act on issues that directly impact their community with State and Federal officials.

Despite a disappointing FY2024 budget that saw library funding held flat at FY2023 levels, the efforts of library advocates across the state and in the legislature secured policy wins that now head to Governor Hochul for her signature.

Thank you for your efforts throughout the 2023 legislative session and beyond. As we look forward to next year's session, it’s time for libraries to be given the spotlight, and for the State to recognize their vital place in New York's communities.

Policy Initiatives

2023 Policy Initiatives One-Pager

Municipal Ballot Petition Reduction 

S3594 (Harckham) / A5266 (Levenberg)

Passed Senate & Assembly

Signed by Governor 10/25

Chapter 587

NYLA Support Memo

This bill would align the petition signature requirement for libraries using a municipal ballot approach with the 25-signature requirement in place for libraries using a school district ballot approach for their budget proposals.  


Elimination of Library Construction Cap

S7093 (Chu)

Passed Senate

Delivered to Assembly & Referred to Committee on Libraries and Education Technology

NYLA Support Memo

Libraries serving economically distressed communities may be eligible for Library Construction Aid awards beyond 75.00%.  However, the law currently only allows public library systems to award 50% of their total allocation to such projects. 

This proposal would eliminate the 50% cap to ensure that libraries serving economically distressed communities and libraries in rural regions will be able to make use of the library construction aid intended to benefit these communities.   


Book Fair Tax Exemption

S5955A (Chu) / A5538B (Rivera)

Passed Senate

Referred to Assembly Committee on Ways & Means

NYLA Support Memo

This bill would make books, magazines, pamphlets and other items sold at both school sponsored book fairs & events hosted by friends of libraries groups exempt from sales tax.


Association Library Retirement Opt-In Option

S4245 (Palumbo) / A4885 (Thiele)

Referred to Senate Civil Service and Pensions Committee

Referred to Assembly Committee on Governmental Employees

NYLA Support Memo

This bill would allow association libraries that meet certain criteria the ability to join the New York State Retirement System upon approval of their board.


Access to Publicly Funded Research

S6562 (Chu)

Referred to Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee

This bill would ensure orginal research that is the result of state funding would be available, free of charge, to the public. 


Check Out New York 

S5956A (Chu) / A4112A (Jensen)

Committed to Senate Rules Committee

Referred to Assembly Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development

NYLA Support Memo

This bill would provide one-pass per public library to every state park, historic site, and recreational facility operated by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.


Media Literacy in New York State

Media Literacy Professional Development

A32 (Rosenthal)

Referred to Assembly Committee on Education

NYLA Support Memo

This bill would require teachers and certified school librarians to receive professional development related to media literacy.

The tiered training, 5 hours for teachers and 15 hours for librarians, would be deducted from the required 100 hours required by education law. 


Library Media Specialist Requirement

A40 (Rosenthal)

Referred to Assembly Committee on Education

NYLA Support Memo

If enacted this bill would require, based on student population and other specified criteria, that school have access to a library media specialist. 


Media Literacy Advisory Group

A35 (Rosenthal)

Referred to Assembly Committee on Education

NYLA Support Memo

If enacted, this bill would direct the Commissioner of Education to appoint a Media Literacy Advisory Committee to study the teaching of media literacy across New York State.

The assembled group would include staff from school library systems, school libraries and individuals from high education institutions that offer information studies programs. 


Media Literacy Standards 

A1695 (Rosenthal)

Referred to Assembly Committee on Education

NYLA Support Memo

If enacted, this legislation would direct the State Education Department to develop a set of media literacy standards and ensure media literacy education is being provided to students across New York State.

Such standards will ensure that all students, grades K-12, are receiving broad media literacy education that is inclusive of the use of technology and social media, responsible online behavior, proper use of online resources for research, curating a positive digital footprint, internet safety, civility and more.


School Library Facility Modernization

S6744 (Chu) / A3174 (Jensen)

Referred to Senate Libraries Committee

Referred to Assembly Committee on Education

The current regulation that defines a school library facility has not been updated in over twenty years. 

This proposal would address the antiquated metrics within NY-CRR 91.1 and insert characteristics associated with a successful, 21st century school library.


Additional Library Legislation

DASNY Eligibility

Four pieces of legislation were signed into law by Governor Hochul to include individual libraries with those eligible for assistance through DASNY. The libraries and Chapters of law are below:

Olean Public Library: Chapter 220 (Formerly S4069/A5053 - Sen. Borrello/AM Giglio)

North Greenbush Public Library: Chapter 209 (Formerly A1313/S5035 AM McDonald/Sen. Ashby)

The Community Library - Cobleskill: Chapter 229 (Formerly A6781A/S6813A - AM Tague/Sen. Oberacker)

Shelter Island Public Library: Chapter 215 (Formerly S4168B/A3691B - Sen. Palumbo/AM Thiele)

Ballston Community Public Library Special District Update

Updates and modernizes the special district legislative charter of the Ballston Community Public Library

S6669/A7082 - Sen. Tedisco/AM Walsh

Signed by Governor Hochul on 8/23 - Chapter 336

Digital Materials Expansion of Library Materials Aid

This bill amends Education Law to include digital materials in the definition of Library Materials for the purpose of Library Materials Aid.


Signed by Governor Hochul on 10/25 - Chapter 571

eBooks Terms Legislation

This bill would allow library access to electornic books and digital audiobooks, providing requirements for contracts between libraries and publishers for access to electronic library material.

S6868 - Sen. Chu

Committed to Senate Rules Committee - 6/10

Freedom to Read Act

This bill would require the commissioner of education to develop policies to ensure that school libraries adn library staff are empowered to curate and develop collections that provide students with access to the widest array of developmentally appropriate materials available.


Passed Senate and Delivered to Assembly - 6/6

Referred to Assembly Education Committee - 6/6


In the Works

Modernization of Civil Service

Working with the Civil Service Committee, legislative partners and allies at external organizations, we are seeking amendments to processes and protocols within Civil Service for the field of librarianship.

Civil Service Reform Coalition Letter


There are nearly a dozen other initiatives currently in the research or draft phase. Check back throughout the year to learn more.

The State Budget

Final Budget

The final budget passed the Legislature over a month late on Tuesday, May 3, 2023. It included:

  • Library Aid $99.6M
  • Library Construction $34M
  • Release of $176K Love Your Library Fund
  • Schomburg  Research Center $375K
  • Langston Hughes Community Library $112K
  • Authorization of Library Construciton over 50% for projects in economically disadvantaged and distressed communities extended through March 31, 2026.
  • Civil service reform via expansion of continuous recruitment
  • Assembly GIA
  • Senate GIA

Assembly One House

The Assembly released their budget proposal on March 14, 2023. It included:

  • Library Aid $104.6M
    • +$8.5M increase from Executive
  • Library Construction $54M
    • +$40M increase from Executive
  • Release of $175K Love Your Library Fund
    • +$25K increase from Executive

Senate One House

The Senate released their budget proposal on March 14, 2023. It includes:

  • Library Aid $103.1M
    • +$7M increase from Executive
  • Library Construction $39M
    • +$25M increase from Executive
  • Release of $150K Love Your Library Fund


The Executive Budget was released on February 1, 2023. It includes:

  • Library Aid $96.1M
    • -$3.5M reduction from FY2023 Enacted Budget
  • Library Construction $14M
    • -$20M reduction from FY2023 Enacted Budget
  • Library Materials Aid: $6.25/pupil

Executive Budget Briefing Book

Aid to Localities Bill (S4003/A3003)

Capital Projects Bill (S4004/A3004)

FY2024 Executive Budget Recommendations for Elementary and Secondary Education


Funding Initiatives

NYS Library Operating Aid: $147.1M 

Increased aid is needed to support the foundational framework of New York State libraries, improving the lives of residents of all ages, abilities and economic status.

Adequate funding is needed to support school, public, and academic libraries and library systems.

Library Aid One Pager

History of Library Aid Chart

Impact of Underfunding


NYS Library Construction Aid: $69.4M

Increased investment is needed to maintain and develop the physical infrastructure of New York State’s libraries, in order to ensure a safe, accessible and sustainable environment for the future.

The New York State Library estimates the deferred maintenance need at over $1.5B.

Over half of New York’s libraries are over 60 years old.
Investments allow libraries to invest in energy-efficiency and support the local construction industry

Construction Aid One Pager

History of Construction Aid Chart


Increase Rate for Library Materials Aid: $11.00/pupil

The per pupil rate of $6.25 has remained stagnant since 2007. We are seeking an increase to the rate to reflect general inflation and the rising costs of materials in school libraries.

LMA One Pager